Company philosophy

As an owner-operated company, we feel particularly committed to small and medium-sized retail businesses.

We aim to provide our customers with trendy, marketable goods each season. Rapid range adjustments are essential here. We operate according to the principle that current ranges take priority over constant goods availability.

We therefore only include the real "high flyers" in our ranges a second time. Each year, we produce approximately 5,000 new products to satisfy the demands of our customers.

We carry out continual range-related revisions in order to incorporate new trends. We aim to improve our exterior image with an increased number of individually designed products, helping our customers to set themselves apart from the broader competition. Our trade fair stands are not mere reflections of our product range, but are also designed as an inspiration for our customers.

We purchase goods from around the world, and always endeavour to maintain a good price-performance ratio. We thus calculate the goods' retail prices when purchased by the end consumer at the point of sale, simultaneously determining whether the latter will be willing to pay the prices in question. The quality of the goods is always our top priority.

We attempt to ensure that our costs are as low as possible in order to be able to offer our customers goods at economical prices. Thus our warehouse and office buildings are extremely practical, but simply equipped.

We employ no outside sales force for precisely this reason. Efficient, realtime accounting helps keep default on receivables to a minimum.

Our largely long-time employees are familiar with all operating sequences, and are competent contact partners for our customers. The emphasis is placed on friendliness and cooperativeness. The customer is king - and reigns over us all.

We are happy to respond to any queries or complaints in person at any time.

Annemarie Maier Arnold Maier Tim Maier

Vaihingen an der Enz, July 2017